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Do you want to invest or grow your business in Argentina?

We can help you with our integrated professional platform in Argentina

Companies enjoy an increase in their value seeking business opportunities beyond their borders. New markets mean growth opportunities, as well as diversification, innovation, local insight and proper knowledge. However, the absence of expert due diligence in new businesses is a common error. Understanding a market, its dynamics and players are essential for any international venture.

Despite the high entry barriers in the Argentine market, companies that have properly designed their market entry strategy will benefit. Cultural differences may sometimes be underestimated, but it is essential to understand the local culture to build long lasting relationships with partners, local suppliers and customers. 

Whether you are planning a greenfield start-up, that requires location selection, permits, business plan development, regulations and new tax structures, or you would like to acquire a local company  requiring target identification, negotiations and turnaround capabilities, or to participate in PPP tender processes; PwC can help you for a smooth landing and sustainable growth in Argentina.

We are the only advisory firm with a 360 professional approach to land and develop businesses in Argentina. Our integrated platform guarantees speed to market, methodology and expertise to accelerate results: focus, simplicity, coherence, synergies, coordination, a comprehensive view and leadership, are some of the benefits that this holistic approach will bring to your company.


PwC integrated platform, cross-functional expertise and capabilities


A strategic consulting team within the PwC network. We help to transform businesses by combining strategy and execution to deliver immediate impact and lasting value.


We provide a range of specialized advisory services across critical areas: deals, including M&A, strategic and valuation advice and capital project and infrastructure financial services (CP&I).


With over 2,500 lawyers in more than 85 countries, we have the broadest geographical coverage of any legal services network in the world.


More than 41,000 employees in the global PwC Tax team leading tax services practice worldwide in terms of size and scope, thanks to our tax expertise and reputation.

Audit & Assurance

PwC Assurance auditors cover a wide range of industries, with knowledge of the appropriate business regulations and market trends.

Investor and Business Understanding

Our partnership with Juan M. Procaccini, former President of the Argentina Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, private equity and strategic consulting allows us to help you to better understand the opportunity of doing business in Argentina.


Our approach is end to end to solve all your business requirements

a. Macro economic understanding 

  • Key policies and government objectives, meetings with senior officials 
  • Labor, Tax and Financial Markets reforms 
  • Central bank view and objectives, meetings with senior officials 
  • Objetive independent macro economist advisors 

b. Political understanding 

  • Political reforms, laws and regulations 
  • Understanding of congress composition and pipeline of law projects 
  • Mapping of current political situation and future developments 
  • Polls, national election projections 
  • Understanding of issues/conflicts

  • Market structure and sizing 
  • Market dynamics, competition mapping and analysis 
  • Regulatory frameworks 
  • Available product/service offerings 
  • Customer segmentation 
  • Market trends – drivers and challenges

  • Market research, feasibility studies 
  • Market entry strategy 
  • Regulatory and tax aspects 
  • Foreign direct investment regulations 
  • Company law 
  • Taxation, including jurisdiction analysis 
  • Capital structuring and financing capacities 
  • Labor and employment regulations 
  • Industry-specific regulations 
  • Government incentives 
  • Foreign trade, impo/expo potential 
  • Business Plan Development and Validation 

  • Legal, Tax and Financing structuring 
  • Structuring of joint ventures, Partners / Investors search 
  • M&A Target identification. International mergers and acquisitions services 
  • Location Planning. Land/Facility Scouting 
  • Regulation compliance. Registrations, approvals and permits 
  • Entity Formation. Local office set-up 
  • Interim management. Senior team staffing/recruiting 

  • Strategic roadmap, value proposition definition 
  • Supply chain development 
  • Brand Development. New Product Launch 
  • Cultural Training & Seminars 
  • Participation in public tenders + PPP full support 
  • Organizational leadership, talent issues, compensation and org structures 
  • Financial and Capital Markets activities and support 
  • Portfolio management, asset disinvestment and M/A support 
  • Property Management 

Argentina has a large economy with a strong basis for sustained growth...

  • 8th largest country in the world. 
  • Diversified economy (2017): Agriculture 7%, Industry 17%, Services 51%, Others 25%.
  • The banking system is solid and healthy: domestic debt is only 6.2% of GDP and credit to the private sector is 14% of GDP.
Current political and economy turnaround
  • New political leadership focused on creating a proper set of policies to reposition the country as an attractive emerging investment destination.
  • Comprehensive productivity plan covering, among others, the reduction of taxes, capital, logistical and labour costs and antitrust issues.
  • G20 Presidency 2018.


…and to become the driving force of regional and global development

  • World leader in food production per capita (for more 400bn Pop.)
    • 1st global exporter for soy oil and flour.
    • 1st global producer and exporter of lemons.
  • 2nd largest shale gas reserves and 4th largest shale oil reserves in the world.
  • Plan RenovAr was launched in 2016 to attract 15 billion dollars in renewable energy investments.
    • 2nd best solar energy conditions
    • 3rd best wind conditions in the world.
  • 4th largest Lithium reserve worldwide.

Sources: USDA, Ministry of Agriculture, ICREPQ, World Bank, INDEC.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)

With the enactment of the Public Private Partnership Law in 2016, the government launched an aggressive 26 billion dollar infrastructure investment plan. 

PwC is actively helping clients to participate in the different PPP tenders or to promote private projects to the government.

PwC in Argentina

More than one hundred years of history in Argentina, with offices in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba and Mendoza.

We constantly seek to strengthen the link with our clients, understanding their perspective, sharing knowledge and working together with company initiatives to generate a distinctive experience that assures value.

Multidisciplinary teams of experts in accounting, finance, tax, social security, legal, labor,  IT and environmental matters.

We offer support for our clients from initial planning to implementation and beyond.

One-stop shop with a centralized point of contact and vast experience to solve all your business needs in Argentina. 

We provide the public and private network and local knowledge of the Argentine business environment.

Argentina overview
Economy 3rd largest GDP in the region after Brazil & Mexico (GDP 2017: USD 600bn) 
Territorial size 2nd in Latin America and 8th in the world
Population 43 million
Form of Government Republican, representative and federal
Language Spanish
Currency Argentine Peso ($)
Political division 24 autonomous provinces with their own political, administrative and economic administrations Capital City Autonomous City of Buenos Aires


Norberto Montero

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Ignacio Aquino

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Ariel Fleichman

Socio, PwC Argentina

Tel: (54 11) 4850-4635

Juan M. Procaccini

Socio, PwC Argentina

Tel: (54 11) 4850-6782